Change is good/The thirst for knowledge continues!

In a little over 2 months, 2/23/16,  I will be embarking on yet another avenue of my yoga journey, Power Yoga Teacher Training.  Ironically, it will start almost exactly 1 year after my very first yoga teacher training, at the same studio. SO much has changed in the past year, both inside and outside of the studio.  There’s a new management team, which means there will be all ‘new’ (different) leads during the training.  One of the lovely women I had the privilege of learning with is now managing the entire studio AND leading the training!  All of my original yoga mamas have moved on to bigger things. (one is a new mama, one manages a meditation studio and the other is a regional manager/blessings, blessings all around) Here’s to another 200 hours of learning, growing and connecting with another group of yoga minded individuals.

On my end, I have completed 1-200 hour yoga teacher training and over 100 hours of continued yoga education.  I have also taught over 60 hours as a RYT.  I have gone from being fearful and uncertain about how I wanted my future to look to, planning yoga and wellness retreats in advance.  The vast amount of confidence and self love I have developed throughout this time has inspired me to keep moving forward and learning.  My next big goal is to attend Loyola Marymount and partake in their Yoga Therapy RX program.  There are 4 courses in total.


First course is Basic Yoga Therapy, which is from 8/29-12/16.   The basic program will focus on the musculoskeletal system. Classes will address principles of practice, anatomy for yoga teachers, the origin and treatment of common low back, upper back, knee and hip problems. After that I will be able to work with chiropractors, doctors and massage therapists with a better understanding of how the spine works and how to use yoga as a form of therapy.

I am SO excited for the next chapter of my life to start.  My goal is to help as many people find relief from pain through connecting with their bodies and breath, as I can.  I can not wait to start learning again!

Early August 2016, I plan to be back here in Hawaii.  Onwards and UPWARDS!


Sat Nam!


Randi Evette


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