Rum, Roast and Royals – Jamaican Retreat Highlight 4/2016

This week’s activity highlight is: Our trip to the Rum, Roast and Royals in Ocho Rios, Jamaica!

As we tour the little town of Ocho Rios, we will stop off here to check out some of the things Jamaica is known for in exports.  If you aren’t interested in rum, coffee or cigars, even as souvenirs for back home, there are MANY other shops we will visit and explore.

Rum, Roast and Royals is a high-end duty free store, which sells upmarket Jamaican products.  The title refers to the three main luxury product lines that the island of Jamaica excels in producing.

  • Rum – Made from pure Jamaican sugar cane.
  • Roast – Used to describe coffee beans, which are harvested in the Blue Mountain region. Where the coffee produced is considered by many to be the best in the world.
  • Royals – The ‘Royal Jamaican Cigar’, which some connoisseurs consider to the on par with the famous cigars of Cuba.


In addition to selling Jamaican run, coffee and cigars, the shop also sells handmade arts and crafts and luxury food products from boutique Jamaican producers.  They also sell Cuban cigars and fine wines from around the world.  The shop boasts of a walk-in humidor and air conditioning to keep the cigars in peak condition.




If you’re interested and would like to reserve your space, visit:


Sat Nam,

Randi Evette

(I recognize the divinity within you)

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