My Upcoming Retreat(s)

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Please join me next April for Relax, Renew and Restore: The Costa Rican Yoga and Nature Retreat.  We will be in Alajuela, Costa Rica for 5 days, 4 nights,  (4/17 – 4/21/2017), experiencing the ‘Pura Vida’ lifestyle as we reset and lose ourselves in nature.  All food is included in the price, so rest assured that you will be well taken care of if you choose to travel with us!

Below, I have attached the price list for both single and double occupancy rooms. Listed is the total price.  When you’re ready to reserve your space, the cost will be broken down into 3 payments – deposit (10% of the total amount), payment #1 (50% of the remaining balance) and payment #2 (last 50% of the remaining amount).  If you would like to make monthly payments to make this a little more financially accessible, please let me know and I will work something out for you.

If you see a room you like, please let me know the name  of the room and occupancy (single/double). Deposits are due 8/8/16.  Even if you’re not ready to place your deposit, I can give the retreat location the information and they can make sure I have enough of the desired lodging for you all.

Single and Double Occupancy Lodging
  • Tentalow: Hybrid tent-bungalows are the ultimate eco-chic accommodations for nature lovers. They contain the same comfortable beds and relaxing lounge areas as other rooms, electricity (no candles, please), space to store clothes, and of course, plenty of bracing mountain air. Attractive shared baths surrounded by gardens are steps away.  – Single: $1099 – Double:$874
  • A-Frame: A-framed cottages with high ceilings and panoramic views – Single: $1424 – Double:$1059
  • Vista Rooms: Deluxe style rooms with a private balcony and gorgeous views. Approximately 250 square feet – Single: $1449 – Double: $1074
  • Kiva ‘Lower’ Rooms:Mountainside Kiva “Lower’ units have private patios overlooking tropical gardens and greenery.  (1st floor) – Single: $1449 – Double: $1074


  • Kiva ‘Upper’ Rooms: Kiva ‘Upper’ units have balconies overlooking the Central Valley. (2nd/3rd floors) – Single: $1528 – Double: $1119


  • Tri-Level: An open floor plan with three defined living spaces cascading down from each other. Step down a level from the entryway to the lounge, then to the bedroom.  Can accommodate 3 – 4 guests, upon request – Single: $1584 – Double: $1149


  • Zendo Suite: A wraparound balcony and huge picture windows make magnificent panoramic views a main feature of the Zendo Suite. A glass shower surrounded by greenery brings in the beauty of nature while still affording privacy. Single: $1744 – Double: $1244


  • Prana Suite:  Newly renovated villa with a skylight above the bathtub and private balcony. – Single: $1799 – Double: $1274


  • Lila Suite: Soaring vaulted ceilings, rich natural materials, rustic woods and creamy natural fabrics lend the spacious Lila Suite a crisp, modern air. The Lila Suite has a large private balcony with two hammocks surrounded by lush, verdant foliage. Mini fridge included.- Single: $1799 – Double:$1274


  • The Pagoda: Unique. Luxurious. Spacious. The Pagoda Suite is perhaps our finest suite, featuring breathtaking mountain views, a sunken living room, and a private outdoor ‘Bali-style’ shower.  Treat yourself! – Single: $2069 – Double: $1429

Visit for photos and more info.

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