Rocklands Bird Sanctuary – Jamaican Retreat Highlight

This week’s activity highlight is: Our trip to the Rocklands Bird Sanctuary in Anchovy, Jamaica!

 We will begin our day with beach front yoga and breakfast.  Then the adventure begins!

Rocklands Bird Sanctuary in the parish of St. James, offers a unique treat. Visitors are given the opportunity to see and feed birds, in particular hummingbirds, by having them perch on their fingers. This interactive session occurs each day, mainly in the afternoon.


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Randi Evette

Jamaican Yoga and Wellness Retreat Highlight!

Hello Yogis!

My upcoming yoga and wellness retreat will be at the beautiful Scotch on the Rocks villa in Ocho Rios, Jamaica! I have set up a page where you can safely make your deposit/payments with a credit card.  The only person that sees your info is YOU!  You will receive a receipt after your payment is processed with your remaining balance.  Visit: Randi’s Yoga and Wellness Retreat Marketplace. <– Click the link!  Check out this week’s activity highlight below!

We depart the evening of April 16th 2016, to arrive and check in April 17th.  We will depart for home April 22nd(4/17 – 4/22 total island stay)  I have been watching airfare prices and the CHEAPEST way looks like purchasing 1 way tickets to and from.  Saves over $400!  Once you place your deposit, I will share my travel plans with you.

Holiday Love Special: IF YOU BRING A FRIEND/SPOUSE/SIGNIFICANT OTHER, I WILL GIVE YOU BOTH $100 OFF! But you MUST make a deposit ($50 minimum) by 12/20!

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Want some adventure in your life? Join me on this amazing experience in beautiful Jamaica!

This week’s highlighted activity is our Dunn’s River Falls and River Tubing excursion!  It is a wet and wild combo tour that will allow us to enjoy two of Jamaica’s most amazing natural attractions; its fresh water rivers and amazing cascading falls!  We may climb the falls in supervised groups or on our own if we are up to the challenge. If the climb is too much, some of us may walk along the side and enter the water from several well placed entry points.  If you are not comfortable climbing the falls you can enjoy them from several vantage points along the length of the cascading river. Our time at the Falls is approx 1 hour and 30 mins and provides time for a little local shopping, sample some local foods or simply relax on the beach.


Following Dunn’s River Falls we take a leisurely 20-30 minute drive over to the White River where our River Tubing Adventure will begin two miles from the sea. There are restrooms, changing rooms and life jackets available at the beginning of the tour. During our trip down river you will travel through 7 rapids.  Seriously, how FUN DOES THIS SOUND!

We will glide through lush tropical greenery as we take in the amazing scenery, all while we gently wind down the lazy river.  This is a journey that we will not forget!  Our driver will safe guard our belongings during the trip and will meet us at the end of our ride where, we can spend a few minutes shopping or exploring the local craft center.

white river tubing1

Our Jamaica River Tubing portion last for approximately 1 hour and 15 mins, depending on the time we may spend at the midway stop.  This River Tubing Adventure is guided by two guides leading groups from 5-15 people.  Generally they provide one guide for every 5 tubers.  At the midway point we are given the opportunity to do a 20 ft cliff dive into the river!  The depth is over 12 feet they assure me that it is safe.  People of all ages jump from this location.

white river tubing

Professional photographers are on hand to capture our special moments during this tour.  The purchase of these photos is optional.  We can bring our own cameras to capture these unforgettable moments as well.

Doesn’t this sound like FUN!?

Join me!


When you sub a yoga class what do you expect? 

Definitely not this. This was so thoughtful and awesome. I am so blessed to be able to teach yoga.  I am equally blessed to know people that are willing to allow me space to grow and experience teaching in different places.


A great space, a great view, with great people.  Everyone left with smiles on their faces, ready to get back to work.

SO blessed to be able to move through this life, doing what I love with amazing people.


Stacy Martin the THE BEST! ❤

Let’s take a vacation!

Great news! My upcoming yoga and wellness retreat in Jamaica will be at the beautiful Scotch on the Rocks villa in Ocho Rios!!
We depart the evening of April 16th 2016, to arrive and check in April 17th.  We will depart for home April 22nd. (4/17 – 4/22) 
Scotch on the Rocks – Coconut Grove – Ocho Rios, Jamaica  

Deposit: $275 + to reserve your space. The balance can be paid off until 2/10/16

Total price per person – $873 w/driver rental for the duration of our stay ($598 balance after deposit; $150/mo from October to February) Please plan to bring extra money to tip our staff upon departure. 

What’s included: 

• Private beach/pier 

• Chef (groceries not included; allot for $55 a day in food, unless we eat out) 

• Maid/housekeeper  

• Butler 

• Private driver for duration of our stay 

• Pool with an amazing view  

• Either queen or king sized bed w/view of ocean or garden 

• Snorkeling 

• Kayaking 

• Cliffside villa with gorgeous views 

• 5 bedrooms with a/c and open views to the Caribbean Sea 

• 10 minutes to Ocho Rios and 5 minutes to James Bond Beach 

I really hope you can join me on this experience! We will tour Jamaica right, while visiting Nine Mile (the birthplace of Bob Marley), Fern Gully Forest, Dolphin Cove and more! 

Email me at: for more info or to place your reservation! 







This week in yoga… (9/28-10/4)

These are the beautiful sights I’ve seen this week, exploring my city teaching yoga in LA.  



This is just… Wow. I have met this wonderful woman AND her sweet and loving mother and I am SO happy that she was saved. Please read up on this and be aware!

What's Eating Erica Jacobs:


December 17th, 1993: The Day of the Aneurysm


Mommy…Mommy, wake up”, her little voice moans, inches away from my pounding head. I’m nauseous, so nauseous and my eyelids hurt. I’ve never felt this sick. Things haven’t been quite right these past eleven months; the headaches, frequent trips to my gynecologist for one reason or another…I’m out of answers and so is my doctor. Whatever this is, I might as well stay in bed and save the copay. I open my eyes enough to see my seven year-old little girl; her worried caramel brown eyes looking at me. “I don’t feel good, honey. Gimme five more minutes.” She reluctantly shuffles away. I should take her to school, I know, but I can’t even fathom moving my body. I should call someone to take her. But who? My boyfriend is working. My ex-husband is out of town on business…

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This week in yoga….

These photos are from this past week’s yoga classes. Both on the beach (Wednesdays) and Sunday’s hiking and yoga excursion in Palos Verdes.  I am so blessed to have met such dedicated yogi/nis.


Hello yogi/nis! 

I’ve been so busy of late, I haven’t had time to share much.  But I’ve got some news… Starting October 16th, I’ll be taking another yoga teacher training!!! I can not wait to see what this next step on my yoga journey will bring, but I know it will be great! 

YogaSculpt is what it’s called and it’s very fun and invigorating.  Imagine doing a vinyasa style yoga class, with weights!  There’s pumping music, squats, cardio and loads of smiles!  I will definitely be added to what I will teach during my Jamaica retreat next April

Speaking of my Jamaica retreat, there’s still space! I have 7 spaces available. Check it out! I am so excited to share this experience with  people.  Just imagine feeling the sand under your toes, the birds chirping in the wooded area, the sun on your face, as you breathe in clean, ocean air.  You mindfully move throughout your practice, taking note of how it feels to be present in paradise. To be surrounded by like minded people, all experiencing and enjoying the same things. 

Reserve your space now and I will send you a discount code! 

Blessings to all!